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A PAM module that switches into a PID namespace, with /proc correctly mounted.

Just a sketch at the moment -- it seems to work fine, but logs too much and probably contains errors.

Suggestions/pull requests welcome!

How to use it

Compile, and copy to /lib/security/.

In one of the pam config files -- say, /etc/pam.d/su, add a line saying this:

session required

This will mean that anyone who uses su will wind up in a separate process namespace. ps and everything in /proc will reflect that -- the rest of the processes on the system will be invisible. You can affect other tools (say, sshd) by changing their respective pam.d config files.

NB. this is not something you'd want to leave in there for root; a TODO is definitely make this module a do-nothing for root, and perhaps to allow you to specify a list of users who are likewise unaffected...

How it works

See this blog post.


Inspiration drawn from Jameson Little's simple-pam and from Ed Schmollinger's pam-chroot.


MIT-licensed, see LICENSE.txt.