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doc [Docs] Remove Python 3 compatability list
htdocs [Web] add hosting info after footer
res [Migration] remove remaining CouchDB related code
tools/i18n Run 2to3-3.4
.coveragerc [Tests] increase test coverage precision in report
.gitignore [Repo] ignore venv*
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AUTHORS Apply the GNU AGPLv3 to the code (bug 301)
COPYING Apply the GNU AGPLv3 to the code (bug 301) [Migration] remove remaining CouchDB related code
Procfile [Setup] set pidfile for beat command add a readme file [Setup] update gunicorn config
makefile Move coverage parameters to .coveragerc move outside application directory
requirements-dev.txt [Config] get configuration from environment variables
requirements-doc.txt [Docs] move API docs from wiki to Sphinx
requirements-test.txt [Tests] enable django_coverage_plugin for tempalte coverage
requirements.txt [Requirements] update to latest Pillow=3.0.0 add

mygpo - Source of

mygpo is the webservice powering


mygpo is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. See file COPYING for details.


See file INSTALL for details


Please report bugs in the Component of the gPodder Bugtracker

Mailing List

mygpo and related issues are discussed on the gPodder Mailinglist

Documentation and Wiki

Documentation, especially for the API, can be found in the Wiki

Name (Why mygpo?)

mygpo is a short version of "" which was the old (domain)name of and has been used as the project name since then.

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