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                   Panucci - An audiobook and podcast player

With Panucci, you can play audio books, podcasts and live concerts. It will
automatically resume the playback from the position where you stopped last
time. Bookmarks are also supported. The interface has elements big enough to be
used with your fingers. If you installed support for screen rotation, Panucci
does support portrait mode in addition to landscape mode.

Authors: Jens Persson (current maintainer), Nick Nobody and Thomas Perl


 * Python (2.x)
 * GStreamer (with python bindings)
 * Sqlite
 * Mutagen
 * GTK (2.x with python bindings)(optional)
 * Qt (4.7.x with PySide bindings)(optional)



    git shortlog | \
        sed -e 's/\(.*\) (\([0-9]*\)):/\2 \1/' \
            -e '/^[^0-9]/d' -e '/^$/d' | \
        sort -nr

Contact Information

  Mailing List:
  IRC: #gpodder on
  Bug reports: