simple riot.js app with route-based content toggling
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simple riot.js app with route-based content toggling

This is a simple application using riot.js v2.6.0 that defines routes in tags that show/hide themselves based on the current route.

I created it as a learning example for Hoodie’s Rails Girls Summer of Code Team 2016: Titay & Hyesoo a.k.a. Team Rookies


You can see the app running at

Clone repository

git clone
cd riot-router-example

Start a local http server in the folder. This will work on Mac or Linux:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Open index.html in your browser at the server URL.

How it works

In the index.html file, all *.tag files are loaded, as well as the riot+compiler.min.js which compiles the *.tag files on the fly to JavaScript.

There is only the <app> custom tag in index.html, which we mount at the end of the <script> tag. With that, all other tags are mounted as they are listed in tags/app.tag. Other than listing all other custom tags, we only start the routing in app.tag.

All the content tags create their own local route function. By default, they set their local show variable to false. If their defined route matches, it gets set to true. That way all logic is contained in the custom tags.

tags/show-app.tag also shows how a tag can route for dynamic routes that pass an id in the route, just for reference.

If you have any questions, ping me on Twitter at @gr2m.