Online Terms to Graphic Novels as a Service
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Online Terms to Graphic Novels as a Service


Work in progress to detect existing speech bubbles in graphic novels and replace with terms and conditions. At present URL and related image data, and a URL to a privacy policy are hard-coded in /src/servers.js. Running the below commands will start a server at localhost:2000 where the results can be found.

You will need to insert keys for Google's Cloud Vision API and Image Search API in the /config folder. Also, node-canvas has issues with node 7 and above (or maybe it's just me!), and so Babel is used to get access to async/await (as they are only available in node 7.6.0 and above). Browserify bundles ./public/js/main for the browser.

npm run babel

npm run browserify

node ./compiled/server


  • Replace Google Cloud Vision API with Tesseract.js
  • More gracefully match length of terms snippet with size of speech bubble
  • Develop front end to allow people to generate pages by submitting URL of image and conditions (and submit result for storage potentially)