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Grafana Agent is a vendor-neutral, batteries-included telemetry collector with configuration inspired by Terraform. It is designed to be flexible, performant, and compatible with multiple ecosystems such as Prometheus and OpenTelemetry.

Grafana Agent is based around components. Components are wired together to form programmable observability pipelines for telemetry collection, processing, and delivery.

NOTE: This page focuses mainly on "Flow mode," the Terraform-inspired revision of Grafana Agent.

Grafana Agent can collect, transform, and send data to:

Why use Grafana Agent?

  • Vendor-neutral: Fully compatible with the Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and Grafana open source ecosystems.
  • Every signal: Collect telemetry data for metrics, logs, traces, and continuous profiles.
  • Scalable: Deploy on any number of machines to collect millions of active series and terabytes of logs.
  • Battle-tested: Grafana Agent extends the existing battle-tested code from the Prometheus and OpenTelemetry Collector projects.
  • Powerful: Write programmable pipelines with ease, and debug them using a built-in UI.
  • Batteries included: Integrate with systems like MySQL, Kubernetes, and Apache to get telemetry that's immediately useful.

Getting started

Check out our documentation to see:


// Discover Kubernetes pods to collect metrics from.
discovery.kubernetes "pods" {
  role = "pod"

// Collect metrics from Kubernetes pods.
prometheus.scrape "default" {
  targets    = discovery.kubernetes.pods.targets
  forward_to = [prometheus.remote_write.default.receiver]

// Get an API key from disk.
local.file "apikey" {
  filename  = "/var/data/my-api-key.txt"
  is_secret = true

// Send metrics to a Prometheus remote_write endpoint.
prometheus.remote_write "default" {
  endpoint {
    url = "http://localhost:9009/api/prom/push"

    basic_auth {
      username = "MY_USERNAME"
      password = local.file.apikey.content

We maintain an example Docker Compose environment that can be used to launch dependencies to play with Grafana Agent locally.

Release cadence

A new minor release is planned every six weeks.

The release cadence is best-effort: releases may be moved forwards or backwards if needed. The planned release dates for future minor releases do not change if one minor release is moved.

Patch and security releases may be created at any time.


To engage with the Grafana Agent community:


Refer to our contributors guide to learn how to contribute.