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* Reorder traceql columns for better i/o efficiency, only load metadata columns after core conditions are met, Honor row group selection

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Grafana Tempo is an open source, easy-to-use and high-scale distributed tracing backend. Tempo is cost-efficient, requiring only object storage to operate, and is deeply integrated with Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki. Tempo can be used with any of the open source tracing protocols, including Jaeger, Zipkin, OpenCensus, Kafka, and OpenTelemetry. It supports key/value lookup only and is designed to work in concert with logs and metrics (exemplars) for discovery.

Tempo is Jaeger, Zipkin, Kafka, OpenCensus and OpenTelemetry compatible. It ingests batches in any of the mentioned formats, buffers them and then writes them to Azure, GCS, S3 or local disk. As such it is robust, cheap and easy to operate!

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Getting Started

Further Reading

To learn more about Tempo, consult the following documents & talks:

Getting Help

If you have any questions or feedback regarding Tempo:


Tempo's receiver layer, wire format and storage format are all based directly on standards and code established by OpenTelemetry. We support open standards at Grafana!

Check out the Integration Guides to see examples of OpenTelemetry instrumentation with Tempo.

Other Components


tempo-vulture is tempo's bird themed consistency checking tool. It pushes traces and queries Tempo. It metrics 404s and traces with missing spans.


tempo-cli is the place to put any utility functionality related to tempo. See Documentation for more info.


TempoDB is included in the this repository but is meant to be a stand alone key value database built on top of cloud object storage (azure/gcs/s3). It is a natively multitenant, supports a WAL and is the storage engine for Tempo.


Grafana Tempo is distributed under AGPL-3.0-only. For Apache-2.0 exceptions, see