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Grails Website

Grails is a powerful web framework, for the Java platform aimed at multiplying developers’ productivity thanks to a Convention-over-Configuration, sensible defaults and opinionated APIs. It integrates smoothly with the JVM, allowing you to be immediately productive whilst providing powerful features, including integrated ORM, Domain-Specific Languages, runtime and compile-time meta-programming and Asynchronous programming.

Sources for the Grails website

This project builds the Grails website. It is using Gradle and is fully statically generated.

Build is Build Status.

Generating the MAIN site

./gradlew :main:runShadow

The output can be found in the main/build/site directory.

Generating the GORM site

./gradlew :gorm:runShadow

The output can be found in the gorm/build/site directory.

Generating the GUIDES site

./gradlew :guides:runShadow

The output can be found in the guides/build/site directory.

Grails Navigation Plugin

The project generates a Grails Plugin and a Groovy library. Those artefacts are used to create Grails applications (e.g. Grails Plugin, Grails App Forge) wiht the look and feel of the grails Website.

Distributions are served by Bintray:

Consultation forms

Website feature a Consultation Form to contact OCI.

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