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Splits and recombines shapefiles based on lat-long data
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Splits and recombines shapefiles based on lat-long data.


conda install -c conda-forge gdal
pip install reshaper


To split a state map based on a branch list, use:

reshaper state.shp branch.csv output.shp \
    --id <ID column> \
    --lat <Latitude column> \
    --lng <Longitude column> \
    --col <Any additional columns to add>

The arguments are:

  • state.shp: path to the original shapefile
  • branch.csv: path to the CSV file with points data. The output shapefile will have one shape per row of this file
  • output.shp: path to the output shapefile
  • --id branchname: indicates that the branchname column holds the branch identifier. The values in this column must be unique
  • --lat col1: the col1 column holds the latitude in degrees
  • --lng col2: the col2 column holds the longitude in degrees
  • --col col3: add col3 column to the Shapefile attributes. You can specify multiple columns via --col

The CSV file should have at least these 3 columns: ID, latitude and longitude.

The program splits and re-combines shapes based the following logic:

  • If a state does not have a branch, assign it fully to the nearest branch
  • If a state has only one branch, assign it fully to that branch
  • If a state has multiple branches, split it between the branches and assign each broken state to the respective branch

The output shapefile attributes include the --id column and any other columns specified via --col.


Change the "version" in to "x.x.x", commit and tag:

git commit . -m"Describe features / bug fixes"
git tag -a vx.x.x -m"one-line summary of release"

To distribute, run:

rm -rf build dist
flake8 .
python test
python sdist bdist_wheel --universal
twine upload dist/*
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