Fiddler extension for inspecting the OAuth tokens used in Azure AD B2C and other Openid Connect systems.
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This project was heavily influenced by Andrew Connell's SPOAuthFiddlerExt. By heavily influenced, I mean portions of it are the same....exactly the same. I strongly suggest you check out his work and read his article around this plugin. The plugin that he created goes hand in hand with what I've done.

I got tired of not being able to read jwt responses within fiddler so I created this response inspector to decode jwt's within a fiddler response.

Installation Instructions

Copy the following dll's into the 'Inspectors' folder of your fiddler installation

  • FiddlerJwtDecode.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll

You should see a new tab that says "JWT Decode" in the response pane of the inspectors tab. Also, don't forget to check out "SPOAuth" which is also circled in red.

Image of JWT Decode