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Regional Strategic Planning Model

This repository contains code, a working example, and documentation of the Regional Strategic Planning Model (RSPM). The RSPM is an offshoot the the GreenSTEP model.

Version 3.5
RSPM V3.5 is documented in "GreenSTEP-RSPM_Documentation_20151220.docx" file. Documentation is for both the GreenSTEP model and RSPM. Changes in V3.5 from previous versions are documented in the "RSPM_V3.5_Changes.docx" file. V3.5 model outputs are documented in the "RSPM_V3.5_Output_Documentation.docx" file.

Version 3.6 Changes
This version includes new modules that model:

  • Potential effects of autonomous vehicles and shared autonomous vehicles on auto ownership, use of car services, vehicle use costs, vehicle travel, and roadway capacity.
  • Revised cost and emissions models which account for autonomous vehicle use.
  • DVMT and emissions of car-share travel now calculated.
  • Walking, bicycling, and public transit trip models - hurdle models that predict the number of trips as a function of household, land use, service characteristics, and household DVMT.
  • Automatic conversion of currency amounts between years - input files identify the data year; input values converted to model estimation year to run model; output values are converted to model base year. The autonomous vehicle model is documented in the "RSPM_V3.6_AV-Model_Design.html" and "RSPM_V3.6_AV-Model_Code&Testing.html" files. Documentation of the walk/bike/transit trip models is contained in the "RSPM_V3.6_Alt_Modes_Models.html" file. Recent bug fixes. The GreenSTEP_Sim script wasn't the latest version developed for ARC. It did not recalculate alternative mode trips at the end of the budget loop so it didn't account for the effect of autonomous vehicles on DVMT which then affects alt modes. This was fixed by replacing with the final ARC script.

Version 3.8 Changes RSPM V3.8 includes changes to the code to handle lane-miles and transit revenue-miles. Lane-miles are input directly by model run year rather than having base year values that are scaled by growth factors. Transit revenue miles are handled the same way. Bus-equivalency factors are used to convert transit revenue miles by transit mode to bus-equivalent revenue miles. Following are model and input file changes:

  • model/lane_miles.csv - REMOVED
  • model/transit_revenue_miles.csv - REMOVED
  • model/revenue_mile_factors.csv - ADDED
  • scenario/inputs/lane_mile_growth.csv - REMOVED
  • scenario/inputs/lane_miles.csv - ADDED
  • scenario/inputs/transit_growth.csv - REMOVED
  • scenario/inputs/transit_service.csv - ADDED Made the same correction to the GreenSTEP_Sim script as for V3.6.

Version 3.8.1 Changes Added capability for putting a VMT surcharge tax on EV travel. This is to enable policies for taxing the VMT of electric vehicle travel because those vehicles pay no gas taxes. The tax is entered in the 'EVVmtSurcharge' row of the 'costs.csv' input file. Units are dollars per vehicle-mile. The 'EVVmtSurcharge' is added to the 'VmtTax' to determine the total VMT tax for electric vehicle travel because the 'VmtTax' is applied to all vehicles. Made the same correction to the GreenSTEP_Sim script as for V3.6.