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A simple encryptable trait for Laravel
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Encryptable, an ecryptable trait for Laravel

Encryptable is a trait for Laravel that adds simple encryptable functions to Eloquent Models.

Encryptable allows you to encrypt data as in enters the database and decrypts it on its retrieval.


Simple add the package to your composer.json file and run composer update.

"gregoryduckworth/encryptable": "1.*",


Add the trait to your model and your encryptable rules.

use GregoryDuckworth\Encryptable\EncryptableTrait;

class User extends Authenticatable
	use EncryptableTrait;

	 * Encryptable Rules
	 * @var array
	protected $encryptable = [

Now, whenever you interact with the model, the name and email will automatically be encrypted and decrypted between your frontend and the database.


Anyone is welcome to contribute. Fork, make your changes and then submit a pull request.

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