Plan, apply and destroy terraform stacks on the Cloud via a REST API ond its CLI
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Terraform API

Terraform API

Terraform API helps you manage Terraform projects and workspaces from the Cloud. Access them securely from a command line or via a REST API. You should be able to use Terraform from anywhere and:

  • Create and destroy development, training or demonstration environments on-demand.
  • Update environments on-demand from a git branch/tag
  • Add and create environments, any time, from a scheduler and keep your stacks clean and lean
  • Build temporary infrastructure for demonstration and training
  • Publish SaaS applications to your customers
  • Integrate other tools and be creative...

Short demo

The Youtube video below shows an example of what can be done with this API. It relies on Slack and Hubot to apply/destroy a Terraform project:

Terraform from Slack

Try it

Try Terraform API now. Read and comment the documents below:

If you have any question, open an issue or create a PR on Github. Get involved, read the Code of Conduct and the Contribution Guide.