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Grow is a declarative tool for rapidly building, launching, and maintaining high-quality static HTML.

  • Easy installation
  • Jinja template engine
  • Content managed in YAML and JSON files
  • Data-binding between content and templates
  • Configuration-based site architecture
  • Easy URL changes
  • Flexible internationalization and translation
  • Integration with external CMSes
  • Integration with Google Sheets
  • Fast builds

Quick start

One time only: install Pipenv and libyaml.

# On Mac with Homebrew (
brew install pipenv libyaml

# On Ubuntu.
sudo apt install -y pipenv libyaml-dev

# On other distributions.
sudo apt install python-pip; pip install pipenv

Next: install and run Grow using a starter.

git clone
cd starter
pipenv install
pipenv run grow install
pipenv run grow run


Visit to read the documentation.