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== WatirCuke Bundles ==
This bundles speeds up writing sentences for watircuke. It works with ".feature" files                                                                  

=> Textmate:
    git clone git://github.com/gs/WatirCuke-Bundles.git Watircuke.tmbundle
    osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles'
=> Sublime 2:
    git clone git://github.com/gs/WatirCuke-Bundles.git WatircukeBundle

=> Redcar:
    git clone git://github.com/gs/WatirCuke-Bundles.git Watircuke.tmbundle

Hope it helps a lot :)

Below is a list of available actions:


link[tab]       I click the "some" button  
checkbox[tab]   I click the "some" checkbox  
image[tab]      I click the "some" image  
link[tab]       I click/onmouseover the "some" link (with alert)  
radio[tab]      I click the "some" radio button  
table[tab]	    I click row "some" in the "some" table  
list[tab]       I select "some" from "from list"  
tf[tab]         I fill in the text field "text field name" with "some text"
df[tab]         I fill in the date field "text field name" with "fraze (from http://chronic.rubyforge.org/ are supported)"

ff[tab]         I fill in the file field "file field name" with "file path"
div[tab]        I click the "some" div
screenshot[tab] I take a screenshot    
debug[tab]      I debug
refresh[tab]    I refresh the page

Check results:        
check_image[tab]    Then I should see the "some image" image
check_span[tab]     Then I should see the span "some class" with "some text"
check_sentence[tab] Then I should (NOT )?see the sentence "some sentence" 
check_text[tab]	    Then I should (NOT )?see the text "some text"
check_html[tab]     Then It should NOT contains the html "some html object"
check_all[tab]      Then I check all objects (this will dump all page objects to file)

Paths redirection:
red[tab]	  I am redirected to "some"  
on[tab]     I am on the "server" page 
goto[tab]	  I go to "some url"
sleep[tab]	I sleep for "some"                                           
sleepu[tab] I sleep until I see the text "text"