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After several months of development, we finally completed the development of the first test version of the GMBrowser which supports GM TLS and sm2 certificate.
You can now download it and have try.
This test version only supports OSX.
Windows & Linux version will be released in the future.

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This gmssl command line tool include SKF/SDF engine.

Mar 13, 2018
Add gmca
gmca is a command line tool to make CA maintaining easier.

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For a long time, finally we release GmSSL 2.0. Here is the tested new features:

Note: build with the latest master branch code, not this pre-release!!!

  1. Build on Windows /Linux/Mac.
  2. Standard SM2 certificate generation and verification.
  3. TLS 1.2 cipher suite ECDHE_SM2_WITH_SMS4_SM3.
  4. API compatible with OpenSSL-1.1.0.
  5. New SKF and SDF Framework.
  6. SM2/3/4 benchmark support with gmssl speed command.
  7. New Go wrapper of the EVP API (partial).
  8. Full feature Java wrapper of the EVP API.

There are many other algorithms and features in developing or not fully tested are not listed.

Pre-built binaries for Linux and Windows is given:

  • gmssl is built on Ubuntu Server 16.04 as 64-bit binary
  • gmssl.exe is built on Windows 7 with VC2013 as 64-bit binary
  • GmSSL.class is the GmSSL java class
  • is the native library for GmSSL.class for Ubuntu Server 16.04 64-bit

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  1. GmSSL Java API 采用JNI实现,libgmssljni.jnilib为Mac本地二进制库
  2. 在调用时应指定jnilib动态库的路径,如java -Djava.library.path=./ GmSSL
  4. 出现错误不会抛出异常,调用方应检查返回值是否为整数1或者是否为非空,出错后可以调用getErrorStrings获得错误栈。

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GmSSL 1.3.0 Binary Release for Mac

The GmSSL 1.3.0 binary release for Linux and Mac includes:

  • apps - the gmssl command line tool
  • openssl.cnf - configure file
  • include - header files
  • lib - static libraries

Install on Linux

cp openssl.cnf /usr/local/ssl/
cp -r include/openssl /usr/local/include/
cp lib/linux-x86_64/*.a /usr/local/lib/
cp apps/linux-x86_64/gmssl /usr/local/bin/
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gmssl

Install on Mac

cp openssl.cnf /usr/local/ssl/
cp -r include/openssl /usr/local/include
cp lib/darwin64-x86_64/*.a /usr/local/lib/
cp apps/darwin64-x86_64/gmssl /usr/local/bin/
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gmssl

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With this version, the SM2/SM3/SMS4 algorithms can be accessed from both inner API (such as openssl/sm2.h) or the abstract EVP API. Access these algorithms from EVP API is preferred for several reasons:

  1. The inner API might lack some of the functions, such as cipher modes.
  2. With EVP API the application can change algorithms on the fly.
  3. The EVP API is more stable, GmSSL will change the inner API as required.

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This version is based on OpenSSL-1.0.2d and support SM2 certificate and ECDHE-SM2-SMS4-SM3 CipherSuite for TLS 1.2.

May 28, 2016
SKF Wrapper