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Cross Platform Navigation Cross Platform Navigation

A library to provide define and provide scala representations of the navigation across and the guardian's cohort of mobile apps

Scala Usage

Add the following to your build.sbt file, setting the version number to the latest [version]

libraryDepencies += "" %% "cross-platform navigation" % "z,y"

Use whatever method you wish to retrieve the desired json file to s3 and pass the content as a string to get a Navigation object. This will contain the content and structure of the navigation. You can den do something like

    val navigationProvider = new GarnettNavigationProvider

Updating the navigation

The directory json contains the definition for each of the guardians 4 editions as json files. Altering these files and releasing the project via riff-raff causes the updated files to be provisioned to s3. Your application can then retrieve (and cache) the json as you wish and use it at described above

Json Format

There is a json file for each edition of Each one describes the navigation structure as a series of 'pillars', each of which contains one or more sections( which can, themselves contain further sections). Here is a cut down example containing two cut-down pllars

Here, there are only two pillars, with a cut down set of sections to indicate how the json is structured. Each section contains to flag values, along with a title and path. The editionalised flag indicated that the path shuld be suffixed with the correct edition. Here, the 'politics' section in the 'News' pillar should have a path that resolves as '/uk/politics' for the uk edition. The mobileOverride value is to indicate to Mapi (old nav) whether this section should be a link to a front or a tag list

  "pillars" : [
      "title": "",
      "path": "/",
      "editionalised": true,
      "sections": [
          "title": "UK",
          "path": "/uk-news",
          "editionalised": false,
          "sections": [
            {"title": "UK", "path": "/uk-news", "editionalised": false},
            {"title": "UK politics", "path": "/politics", "editionalised": true}
      "title": "sport",
      "path": "/sport",
      "editionalised" : true,
      "sections": [
        { "title": "football", "path": "/football", "editionalised": false,
          "sections": [
            { "title": "football", "path": "/football", "editionalised": false },
            { "title": "live scores", "path": "/football/live", "editionalised": false },
            { "title": "tables", "path": "/football/tables", "editionalised": false },
            { "title": "competitions", "path": "/football/competitions", "editionalised": false },
            { "title": "results", "path": "/football/results", "editionalised": false },
            { "title": "fixtures", "path": "/football/fixtures", "editionalised": false },
            { "title": "clubs", "path": "/football/teams", "editionalised": false }
        { "title": "rugby union", "path": "/sport/rugby-union", "mobileOverride" : true, "editionalised": false },

Publishing and Deploying

Update the scala functionality and publish to maven, making sure you update the version and the changelog.

Deploying the project via riff-raff will upload the latest editionalised json files to s3, via teamcity. This process checks the validity of the json in order to build successfully

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