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 macOS command line tools for developers

Now with modularity and plugins! You can check the plugins folder: /mac-cli/plugins

Contributions to add new plugins and keep improving the existing ones are welcome and very much appreciated!


The ultimate tool for developers to manage their Mac. It provides a huge set of command line commands that automate the usage of your macOS system. When you run a function, the executed command is displayed and that helps you memorize each of the Utilities for future usage.

Installation in 1 Simple Step - Including Configuration Wizard!

Via curl

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Via wget

sh -c "$(wget -O -)"

Then, re-open your terminal client. You will be able to run all the commands listed below, for example:

mac help


The configuration is done when you install Mac CLI for the first time though the installer configuration wizard. After that, you can update your Mac CLI configuration by editing the following file: /usr/local/bin/mac


These are the requirements to be able to run all the commands (the dependencies/requirements are installed when you install Mac CLI for the first time):

  • Homebrew
  • Git
  • Python
  • Pipe Viewer (pv)


You can update Mac CLI to the latest version by running:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"


You can uninstall Mac CLI by running:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Integrated Projects

The following amazing projects have been integrated on the mac script (all the integrated projects are optional and can be installed through the installation wizard):

Help / Commands List

Command Description Arguments
mac help List all available commands in mac script

General Commands

Command Description Arguments
mac update Install macOS software updates, update installed Ruby gems, Homebrew, npm and their installed packages
mac lock Lock
mac restart Restart macOS
mac sleep Sleep mode
mac shutdown Shutdown
mac presentation Prepare MAC for presentation: minimize all apps, close browsers, send files from desktop and downloads to trash and set not disturb mode
mac time Show clock at top right position in Terminal/iTerm
mac screensaver Start screensaver
mac folders:list List folders in current directory with their current size
mac folder:size Calculate current folder size
mac folders:remove-empty Remove empty subdirectories
mac apps:close-all Close all opened apps
mac bluetooth:status Get the bluetooth status
mac bluetooth:enable Enable bluetooth
mac bluetooth:disable Disable bluetooth
mac wifi:status Get the wifi status
mac wifi:scan Scan available wifi networks
mac wifi:enable Enable wifi
mac wifi:disable Disable wifi
mac wifi:password Get password for current wifi network
mac dock:add-space N Add blank space to dock N = number of spaces
mac apps:app-store Get list of installed apps from App Store
mac eject-all Eject all mounted volumes and disks
mac battery Get battery status
mac info Get macOS version information
mac hidden:show Show hidden files
mac hidden:hide Hide hidden files
mac find:text X Find exact phrase recursively inside directory X = Text string
mac find:biggest-files Find biggest files inside directory
mac find:biggest-directories Find biggest directories inside directory
mac zip:extract X Extract Zip file to current folder X = Zip file to extract
mac gzip:compress X Compress current file using Gzip X = File to compress
mac gzip:extract X Extract Gzip file to current folder X = Gzip file to extract
mac tar:compress X Compress X file/directory using tar with progress indicator X = File or directory
mac tar:extract X Extract tar file to current folder X = Tar file to extract

Search Utilities

Command Description Arguments
mac find:recent N Find files modified in the last N minutes N = number of minutes
mac find:duplicated Find duplicated files
mac search:replace X Search and replace string in file X = File to perform the search and replace operation

Network Utilities

Command Description
mac speedtest Internet connection speed test
mac speedtest:infinite Run internet speed test each 5 minutes
mac ports List of used ports
mac ip:local Get local IP address
mac ip:public Get public IP address

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Utilities

Command Description Arguments
mac mysql Open Sequel PRO app)
mac mysql:cli Start MySQL CLI with autocompletion and syntax higlighting
mac mysql:list List all MySQL databases
mac mysql:dump-all Export all MySQL databases to individual files
mac mysql:dump X Export MySQL database to current directory X = database name
mac mysql:import X Import MySQL database X = SQL file
mac mysql:import-table X Import single MySQL database table X = SQL file containing database table
mac mysql:create X Create MySQL database X = Database name
mac mysql:drop X Remove MySQL database X = Database name
mac mysql:duplicate X Duplicate MySQL database X = Database name
mac mamp:start Start MAMP Server (Apache and MySQL)
mac mamp:stop Stop MAMP Server (Apache and MySQL)
mac mamp:restart Restart MAMP Server (Apache and MySQL)
mac php:syntax Check PHP Syntax for all PHP files in current location
mac php:info Get PHP info on command line
mac hosts:edit Edit hosts file

SSH Utilities

Command Description Arguments
mac ssh:download-file X Download file from remote server through SSH X = Path of the remote file to download
mac ssh:download-folder X Download entire folder from remote server through SSH X = Path of the remote folder to download
mac ssh:download-database X Download MySQL from remote server through SSH X = Name of the database to download
mac ssh:sync:local X Sync local folder with remote folder using rsync through SSH (download remote folder to local folder) X = Path of the remote folder to sync to local folder
mac ssh:sync:remote X Sync remote folder with local folder using rsync through SSH (upload local folder to remote folder) X = Path of the remote folder to sync from local folder
mac ssh:upload X Upload file to remote server through SSH X = Path of the file to upload to the remote server
mac ssh:public-key Copy SSH Public Key
mac ssh:list List all the saved SSH credentials

Web Development Utilities

Command Description Arguments
mac dev:monitor X Monitor file changes (for example: log files) X = File to monitor
mac dev:compass:compile Compile current folder using compass
mac dev:sass Compile current folder using SASS
mac dev:optimize-images Optimize all images in current directory and subdirectories
mac dev:css:convert-to-scss Convert CSS file to SCSS

Performance and maintenance Utilities

Command Description
mac system Show system information to review mac performance
mac temp Show temperature, fan and battery statistics
mac memory See memory usage sorted by memory consumption
mac trash:empty Empty trash
mac trash:size Calculate trash size
mac desktop:cleanup Remove all files and directories from Desktop directory
mac downloads:cleanup Remove all files and directories from Downloads directory

iTerm / Terminal Utilities

Command Description
mac iterm:tab-title Set title of current iTerm tab

Git Utilities

Command Description
mac git:config Display local Git configuration
mac git:open Open current repository on Github
mac git:create:branch Create branch based on current branch
mac git:branches:date Get last update date for all branches in current project
mac git:undo-commit Undo latest commit
mac git:log See latest commits IDs and titles for current branch
mac git:branch See all branches
mac git:branch:rename Rename Git branch
mac git:branch:remove-local Remove local Git branch
mac git:branch:remove-remote Remove local and remote Git branch
mac git:remove Remove Git from current project
mac git:settings Check Git settings
mac git:add-removed Add removed files to staged files
mac git:size Get size for current Git directory

Web Utilities

Command Description Arguments
mac web:download-images Download all images from website to current directory

Homebrew Utilities

Command Description
mac brew Get a list of installed Homebrew packages

Xcode Utilities

Command Description
mac xcode:cleanup Cleanup Xcode files to free up hard disk space

Image Utilities

Command Description Arguments
mac image:generate:mobile-app-icons X Y Generate mobile app icons X = Original image file, Y = Output path

Magento Utilities

Command Description
mac magento:version Get Magento version from current project on command line
mac magento:customer:create Create Magento customer with sample address and sample credit card information
mac magento:fix-permissions Fix Magento permissions for files and directories
mac magento:order:create Create sample order in Magento
mac magento:shell-script:create Create script in Magento shell folder to be run from command line
mac magento:gitignore:create Create gitignore file for Magento project
mac magento:url-rewrites:enable Enable Magento URL rewrites
mac magento:url-rewrites:disable Disable Magento URL rewrites
mac magento2:install Install Magento 2 in current folder


 OS X command line tools for developers – The ultimate tool to manage your Mac. It provides a huge set of command line commands that automatize the usage of your OS X system.




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