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Basically my ~/bin folder.
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lib use shingle2 and shingle3
ackurl a program to list urls. some forgotton changes.
appledaily-sentences put generic stuff to an extractor class
archive-this tweak return value.
average avoid warning about slurp.
bing-search use all @ARGV
blob-ls list index
blob-put some usage info. a simple program to build index.html use "-o" opt instead of env var. move junk mails first.
ceis-extract a very generic extractor
ceis-segment.go a tool to segment a web page by a repeating tag.
cliq change with Mojo shut up
cpan-find-deps program to list cpan deps.
cpans * is fine
cssmin shebang tweak.
derivatives derivative. the programs to destroy all tweets/plurks. request 200 tweets per request to save some requests.
dns-benchmark the self-made dns benchmark program!
dump-feed-urls check the content-type of all links.
dump-urls a program to ger urls from urls
dzil-update-prereq-versions add more programs.. more optimization.
fatpack-one-executable a fatpacker wrapping program.
fatpack-oneliner A program for quickly fatpack some oneliners. a dead simple feed pipe. add --only-today options...
ffmpeg-mkv2m4v .
ffmpeg-to-iphone-mp4 update params
ffprobe-show-keyframes script using ffprobe to detect keyframes
flickr-photoset-to-html a program to build html of the given flickr photoset.
g0vread program to dump g0vre output a numbered gmap marker generating program
geo a program to get current geo location
git-auto-commit-then-pull-then-push just a chmod, nothing to see here
git-auto-pilot small touch
git-changed a few git-extra stuff.
git-changed-check-syntax a few git-extra stuff.
git-fetch-everywhere Remove `-depth `
git-graphviz some str escaping error
git-log-numstat-per-week A extra git command to aggregate numstat per week.
git-my-last-commit a few git-extra stuff.
git-pull-if-clean OHHHH
git-pupu git pupu = git pull && git push
git-watcher syntax fix.
google-reader-dump need count arg to produce more consistent output.
google-search .
grok-cpantester-fails unfinished.
headskip `headskip -15` removes first 15 lines from input
highlight highlight program to highlght stuff from pipe
html-table-to-csv a tool to convert tables in html to csv.
httpd-here love Twiggy
img-colors show top 10 colors used in an image. simple wrapper around Imager difference method.
img-enhance program to enhance black/white of the given image.
img-enhance-white some forgotton changes.
img-histogram a simple program to see RGB histogram of images.
img-trim naive way to trim off white edges of the given image.
inspect-msgpack program to "see" msgpack content.
inspect-sereal larger?
ja add my japanese learning program
jabbot-plurk-tasks ignore esun crawling error
japanese romanizer
jsmin shbang tweak
keep-doing A dump script like "watch", but not taking over the screen.
lipsum lipsum
magnet-links .
module-dependency-latest-versions a program to pull the latest versions of modules specified in META.yml
module-used add --cpanfile to generate cpanfile format.
module-version default 0
mojo-query catchup Mojo::DOM changes.
moneycat unbreak now it simply uses Acme::DreamyImage
mtimport-remove-comment program dealing with mtimport
mtimport-remove-ping program dealing with mtimport
newsgroup-bt-download download folder arg
notify-count-maildir-new-mails better
org-expense-report fix the detectios of hashtag at border.
org-growl finally understood how DateTime time_zone works.
osm-extract-nodes doc.
outliers an brief outlier detection script based on the same methodlogy from D…
perl-check-syntax a convienient program to check syntax errors
perl5g some little tweak.
pick a program to pick n random lines from STDIN
plurk-esun-jpy do no tweet.
plurk-post mention the args to say
pm-list a quick pm-list program to list all installed perl modules.
podstrip a pod-striping program. perldoc -m Foo | podstrip
ppi-dump a program to help me study PPI output. sock proxy setting
pw clean up.
qemu-screendump some old qemu util
qrcode simple program to generate qrcode from cli.
rand-sentence migrate to v5.20 with built-in HTTP::Tiny and JSON::PP
reader regex tweaks -- keep some proper newlines. a proxy
redmine-braindump an old tool. program: rename files to their sha1 hex
rename-to-traditional-chinese a file-renaming program
reverse another small program that reverse the pipe
rpull a program to help me moving data around.
run-after a program to run a command after other is finished
s3ls playing..
say-dutch .
say-twitter-stream say the username first
scsb-buy-jpy add the scsb-buy-jpy program.
sha1sum-base64 print base64uri by default.
sha1sum-tree print the sha1, DOH.
shoot-myself-every-60s typo
shuffle pipeline shuffler a program that uses Data::HanConvert to convert zh_Hans to zh_Hant
site-checker a tiny tool to check if websites are OK.
stats.p6 a simple program to get stats from input.
superfeedr-growl rewrite it with growlnotify program
takeline A command to take lines from file.
to-plurk bulk post to the same plurk with following comments
tokencount gather the character by their Script prop.
transmission-auto-organize .. a simple twitter stream downloader.
twitter-timeline-daily-merge :facepalm: months are all obiwan.
ubuntu-install-task ?
uri_escape accept url in argv0
uri_unescape useful
videos-auto-organize use
xls2csv such a repetitive task...
xml-feed-title-and-link-to-tsv deal with some mojibake
z deal with whitespace
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