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CMD: Windows Autoexec

AUTOEXEC.BAT was automatically executed when people used to run DOS. We do not have that facility in Windows anymore, but this is a stop-gap for it.

When running a toolchain without Powershell or Bash, it was historically important to me to be able to libraries, tools and utilities and tools for development.

I still use this setup on any Windows machine I work on. I was complaining about the lack of command line tooling available for development on Windows, but I have started to work with the system than against it. I maintain this Git repository periodically.

This is my DotFiles for Windows.


  1. git clone or extract this repo into a directory called CMD in your home directory. Such as C:\Users\John\CMD. This README.MD file should be within it. Now just click and open the AUTOEXEC.REG registry entry. It will add the registry entries in that file into your registry.

  2. Open a new Command Prompt and now AUTOEXEC.CMD file will run automatically.

Thank You and Feedback

Reach out to me for any feedback.

Now Enjoy!