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WebPart examples using the gd-sprest-react library.
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SharePoint React WebParts

This project provides examples of using the gd-sprest and gd-sprest-react libraries. These solutions are designed for SharePoint 2013, but is supported in SharePoint 2013/2016 and Office 365.

Blog Post

Refer to this blog post for details on the available webparts to inherit from. The blog post gives an overview of the code for the "Document View WebPart" example.

Batch Demo WebPart

An example of the executing batch operations. Refer to this link for Microsoft's documentation for performing batch operations using the SharePoint Online REST API.

Document View WebPart

Simple example of using the WebPartSearch classes to display documents. The search webpart class allows the user to select the searchable fields, currently limited to:

  • Choice/Multi-Choice
  • Lookup/Multi-Lookup
  • Taxonomy
  • Text

A mapper will be generated from the field values, and used as a tag picker for filtering the documents. Clicking on an office document will display it in the office app.

Email WebPart

Simple example of using the SP People Picker component and the email class of the gd-sprest library.

Hello World WebPart

Probably the first one you should look at. It's a simple example of using the webpart component, and the OnRenderDisplay and OnRenderEdit events. The page will render the webpart id in display mode, and a message indicating it's an edit mode when the page is being edited.

List WebPart

An example of extending the WebPart Search class to display a list view and item form. The "ItemForm" component will be used to render the item form panel.

WebPart Tabs

An example of using the WebPart Tabs class to generate a tab for each associated webpart in the same zone.

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