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HashCheck Shell Extension

AppVeyor build status


The latest installer for Windows (Vista and later) can be found here:


Kai Liu
Christopher Gurnee
David B. Trout
Tim Schlueter

Building from source


Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (the free Community edition works well).


Translation strings are stored as string table resources. These tables can be modified by editing HashCheckTranslations.rc.

Translation Contributors

Català: @Hiro5
中文 (简体): "yumeyao"
中文 (繁體): Jack Chang and @Chocobo1
Čeština: Václav Veselý
Deutsch: "Rolf"
Ελληνικά: "XhmikosR"
Español: "Phare"
Français: "mooms" and "user_hidden"
Italiano: "Botta" and @scara
日本語: "yumeyao"
한국어: JaeHyung Lee
Nederlands: "Edwin"
Polski: "RedWine"
Português (Brasil): "0d14r3"
Português (Portugal): "LPCA"
Română: Oprea Nicolae, a.k.a. "Jaff"
Pусский: Yurii Petrashko
Svenska: Stefan Friman
Türkçe: M. Ömer Gölgeli
Yкраїнська: Yurii Petrashko

License and miscellanea

Standard 3-Clause BSD License.

Please refer to license.txt for details about distribution and modification.

This software is based on software originally distributed at: