A selector plugin for RequireJS with a dynamic query selector polyfill, supporting modular DOM utilities and builds.
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AMD Query

An AMD DOM utility plugin.

No longer maintained, or advised for use.

Conditionally polyfills the native selector engine, and is compatible with modular query methods to provide DOM traversal, events, animations, etc.

Usage is of the form:

require(['amdquery!events,animations'], function($) {

Where events and animations are modular query methods.


volo add guybedford/amdquery

(after npm install volo -g)

This will also download the require-is loader module dependency.

When in an AMD project, Volo will automatically generate wrapper modules at is.js and amdquery.js for the folder files.

If not using Volo, download amdquery and require-is into their folders in the main library folder.

Then ensure that amdquery and is are added in the requirejs map config:

  map: {
    '*': {
      is: 'require-is/is',
      amdquery: 'amdquery/amdquery'

Currently Supported Query Methods

Currently, the following query method libraries are supported:

Bean (bridge module)

Bonzo (bridge module)

Morpheus (bridge module)

To submit a new query method module, submit a pull request.

Native Selector Polyfill

Feature detects the native selector engine, loading Sizzle from CDN as a fallback only when necessary.

Feature detections are the attribute selector, attribute equals selector, direct child and sibling selector support.

When using the native selector, contextual selection of the form $('selector', context) is fixed to work naturally instead of to the spec (http://ejohn.org/blog/thoughts-on-queryselectorall/).

The selector also adds support to the native selector for the leading direct child selector within contextual selectors of the form: $('> child', context)

Pluggable Selector Functionality

AMD Query provides a plugin API for loading selector-compatible modules for modular selector functionality loaded with the syntax 'amdquery!moduleName'

For example, an event module can provide the click event method as:


  prototype: {
    click: function(callback) {
      this[0].addEventListener('click', callback);

which can then be used with:


require(['amdquery!click'], function($) {
  $('#myel').click(function(){ /* etc */ });

Static methods can be provided outside of the prototype property with:


  ready: function() { /* ... */ }

which can be used as:

require(['amdquery!static'], function($) {

All combinations of query method bundles are generated uniquely to avoid namespace collissions.

This allows separate modules to define the same click method for example without clashing.


When running a build with the r.js optimizer, only those selector features needed by the layer get traced. Sizzle is always excluded from the build and downloaded dynamically on older browsers, meaning the loading experience is modern browsers doesn't suffer due to having to provide legacy support.

Uses the require-is module to conditionally load sizzle.


2.7KB minified and gzipped, in contrast to 33KB for jQuery.

So for example if you just need DOM events with Bean, only download 6.7KB instead of 33KB.