Wrapper for SvxLink to provide additional functionally, which is easy to extend
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SvxLinkWrapper - wrapper for SvxLink

By Guy Sheffer 4Z7GAI <guysoft at gmail dot com>


  • Autoconnect to stations on startup, and keep-alive option
  • QSO Echolink logger in sqlite3 and a simple web viewer for it
  • Send DTMF preset commands from echolink chat


  1. python
  2. python modules: importlib python-sqlite3
  3. Svxlink ready to run and configured (https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/svxlink/)

Install all requirements except svxlink on Ubuntu / Debian

apt-get install python-sqlite3

Quick setup on Ubuntu / Debian

git clone https://github.com/guysoft/SvxLinkWrapper.git
cd SvxLinkWrapper
cp config.ini.example to config.ini
python src/SvxLinkWrapper.py

How to configure and run

  1. copy config.ini.example to config.ini
  2. Set the variables according to your need in main

How to configure QSO logger module

  1. set DATABASE_PATH in modules.EcholinkLoggerModule to the location of EcholinkQsoLog.sqlite
  2. Make sure the folder that EcholinkQsoLog.sqlite has read/write permissions, as well as the file
  3. If you want to view latest qsos from a browser you can move www/EcholinkQsoLog.php to a location on your webserver (on Ubuntu / Debian the default path is /var/www )