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gvNIX - Spring Roo Addon Suite

Welcome to gvNIX, an Spring Roo Addon Suite.

gvNIX is an Spring Roo Addon Suite that focuses both enterprise knowledge and enterprise standards to build Java applications.

gvNIX is sponsored by the General Directorate for Information and Communication Technologies (DGTIC) at Regional Ministry of Finance and Economic Model of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Community, Spain), managed by gvSIG Association and led by DISID.

About this doc

These instructions show you how to get started with gvNIX source tree. Note that these instructions are for developers looking to develop gvNIX itself.

If you like to try a release that has already been built, tested and distributed by the core development team, we recommend that you visit gvNIX download page and read the documentation.

Copyright (C) 2010 DGTI - Generalitat Valenciana

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit


To start to develop gvNIX and extend its features you need:

Run gvNIX Roo Addon Suite

To be able to test gvNIX quickly without deploy all components you should following the next steps:

  • Add $ROO_HOME variable to your $PATH
  • Compile gvNIX project using 'mvn clean install' on your project folder
  • Execute ./gvnix-dev

Developing within STS

STS can be used to develop gvNIX Roo Addon Suite.

Every addon can be imported via File > Import > Maven > Existing Maven Project.

Run gvNIX CI test

To Run Continuous integration test just execute:

$ deployment-support/ test

Deploy gvNIX artifacts

All gvNIX artifacts will be deployed on Maven central.

In addition, gvNIX Addon Suite will be deployed in our own gvNIX repository:

To deploy RELEASE artifacts and generate gvNIX Addon Suite you must execute the following command:

$ deployment-support/ release

To deploy SNAPSHOT artifacts and generate gvNIX Addon Suite you must execute the following command:

$ deployment-support/ deploy

NOTE: You must have the necessary permissions to deploy gvNIX artifacts

About gvNIX version number:

gvNIX versions are series of individual numbers, separated by periods, with a progression such as 1.7.0, 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.9.0, 1.10.0, 1.11.0, 1.11.1, 1.11.2, and so on.

The early stages are identified with "ALPHA", "BETA" or "BUILD-SNAPSHOT" qualifiers.


Documentation index

  • On each gvNIX project module you can find technical and user guides in the module/docs/ folder in ASCIIdoc format and Spanish and English:

    • td-module.adoc: Technical design
    • ug-module.adoc: User guide
  • gvNIX work guides are placed at /deployment-support in AsciiDoc format and Spanish:

    • reference: Working guide about projects development with gvNIX.
    • developer: Working guide about gvNIX project development.

Need more info ?

For more information generate and read the gvNIX Developer Guide (Spanish).

Run the following command from the root checkout location:

bash:~/gvnix$ mvn clean install

This will create the guide in the /deployment-support/target/generated-docs directory (in several formats):

|-- developer
|	`-- diagrams (resources)
| `-- images (resources)
| `-- index.html (developer guide)
| `-- index.pdf (developer guide)
`-- reference
| `-- images (resources)
| `-- index.html (reference guide)
| `-- index.pdf (reference guide)

The gvNIX Reference Guide (Spanish) is the documentation for developing projects with the framework.

Write doc

gvNIX documentation is moving to AsciiDoc. These docs have the suffix .ad, .adoc or .asciidoc.

To learn more about how to convert AsciiDoc to PDF, HTML5, etc go to or

Contribute to gvNIX Project

Do you want to contribute to gvNIX Project? :D

Create an issue

Create a new issue on gitHub using the following link

Send your Pull Requests

Fork gvNIX project and implement your own features or bug fixes

Send your Pull Requests with your applied changes

gvNIX team will validate your changes and merge your Pull Request

Contact us ?

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