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Context-Aware Gaussian Fields for Non-rigid Point Set Registration. (CVPR 2016)
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Context-Aware Gaussian Fields for Non-rigid Point Set Registration

Date: 06/16/2016

Gang Wang, Zhicheng Wang, Yufei Chen, Qiangqiang Zhou, Weidong Zhao, Context-Aware Gaussian Fields for Non-rigid Point Set Registration, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2016), June 27-30, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

MATLAB 2015 x64



========= MATLAB Compiler

  1. Prerequisites for Deployment

. Verify the MATLAB Runtime is installed and ensure you
have installed version 9.0 (R2015b).

. If the MATLAB Runtime is not installed, do the following: (1) enter

  at MATLAB prompt. The MCRINSTALLER command displays the 
  location of the MATLAB Runtime installer.

(2) run the MATLAB Runtime installer.

Or download the Windows 64-bit version of the MATLAB Runtime for R2015b from the MathWorks Web site by navigating to

For more information about the MATLAB Runtime and the MATLAB Runtime installer, see Package and Distribute in the MATLAB Compiler documentation
in the MathWorks Documentation Center.

NOTE: You will need administrator rights to run MCRInstaller.

  1. Files to Deploy and Package

Files to package for Standalone

================================ -CALapGF.ctf (component technology file) -CALapGF.exe -MCRInstaller.exe -if end users are unable to download the MATLAB Runtime using the above
link, include it when building your component by clicking the "Runtime downloaded from web" link in the Deployment Tool -This readme file

  1. Definitions

For information on deployment terminology, go to Select MATLAB Compiler >
Getting Started > About Application Deployment > Deployment Product Terms in the MathWorks Documentation Center.

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