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Find the color transition function between two colors
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Ever wondered what color transformation to use to get from one color to another?

Say, #ae465f to #aeae46?

Cuttle got you covered.

Because that's what cephalopods do for one another.

API Reference

suggest(from, to[, preprocessor])

Suggests color functions that map from the from color to the to color.

Accepts an optional preprocessor parameter for the target preprocessor. Valid values are "less" and "sass". The default is "less".

Returns an array of suggestions, sorted by difference from the target color.

Example of suggesting LESS functions:

> cuttle.suggest("#000", "#333");

[ { difference: 0, format: "lighten(@input, 20%)" } ]

Example of suggesting SASS functions:

> cuttle.suggest("#ae465f", "#aeae46", "sass");

[ { difference: 0.4477, format: "adjust-hue($input, 75)" } ]

CLI Usage

Install as a global module through npm install -g cuttle. Then get suggestions by running

$ cuttle --from #ae465f --to #aeae46 --dialect sass

[ { difference: 0.4477, format: "adjust-hue($input, 75)" } ]

Full usage options:

Usage: cuttle [options]

Suggests transition functions between colors


  -h, --help               output usage information
  -V, --version            output the version number
  -f, --from <color>       input color (e.g. #ae465f)
  -t, --to <color>         output color (e.g. #aeae46)
  -d, --dialect <dialect>  dialect of output, either "sass" or "less"
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