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run jobs at a specific time in future
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Executes jobs at a specific time in future. Only uses one single timer per queue.

$ npm install duequeue
const duequeue = require('duequeue')

let myQueue = duequeue.create(async(payload, task) => {
  // do some task here
  const delta = - task.due
  console.log(`delta: ${delta} payload: ${payload}`)

  // mark job as done in database
  // eg: payload has rowid to db entry

// it's up to you how and if you want to persit your jobs
// you can import undone jobs into duequeue
let jobs = database.getDueJobs()
jobs.forEach(job => myQueue.add(job.due, job.rowid))

let newJob = {...}
// if you decide to persit jobs somehow
let rowid =

myQueue.add(new Date(2020,1,1), rowid) // will trigger 2020-01-01

myQueue.add(new Date(1991,1,1), "it's 1991!") // will trigger instantly
myQueue.add( + 10000, "after 10s")  // will trigger now + 10s 
myQueue.add(, "instant")           // will trigger instantly
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