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MBP - Mobile Boilerplate Documentation

MBP (Mobile Boilerplate) is based on H5BP (HTML5 Boilerplate), a rock-solid HTML5 default for web developer to quickly start their mobile web development.

This documentation contains docs specific to the MBP; only mobile-specific topics are addressed here. Here is an overview of the features within MBP. If you previously never used H5BP before, it's good to have a read of the wiki under the main project.


Introduction - a list of all features

The Basics of Boilerplate

The Markup - a walk through the techniques in the markup
The Style - a walk through the techniques in the stylesheets
Media Queries Polyfill - enable cross-browser support for mobile first design
JavaScript Helper - a walk through of the kick-ass mobile helper functions
Mobile Viewport - things you need to know about mobile viewport


default.appcache - mobile web caching

Image Directory

Image Directory - explore mobile image directory structure


sitemap.xml - mobile sitemap


Firebug Lite - mobile web debugging


Google Analytics For Mobile - Google Analytics for low end devices
Mobile Bookmark Bubble - bookmark bubble to help user add website to Home Screen
Web Storage Portability Layer - a Common API for Web Storage

Web Server Configuration

Mobile MIME Types - make mobile specific files recognizable
Transcoding Prevention - prevent transcoders from altering mobile web content
Server side redirection script - mobile site redirection script

Beyond Mobile Boilerplate

HTML5 Mobile Support

HTML5 feature support on top 11 mobile browsers

Mobile Performance Tools

hottest mobile performance tools ALIVE - help with your mobile debugging, performance analysis

Mobile Bookmarklets

use some of your favorite debugging tools like Firebug and ySlow on mobile browser

Mobile Matrices

a darn handy mobile browser specs sheet for your reference

Official Documentations

it may cause you a bit of hair loss when reading these documentations, but if you are the kind of guy who WANTS TO KNOW EVERYTHING, go get them!

Mobile Emulators & Simulators

mobile development tools for the working class

Mobile Javascript frameworks

mobile Javascript frameworks comparison chart

Blog and Articles

mobile blogs and articles that RAWKS - learn mobile development from captains of industry and individual thought leaders


some free, some commercial, learn mobile development in the old-school way