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Hacker Target Pty Ltd

Online vulnerability scanners and network intelligence to help organizations with attack surface discovery and identification of security weakness.

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  1. pcap-did-what pcap-did-what Public

    Analyze pcaps with Zeek and a Grafana Dashboard

    Python 105 8

  2. nmap-nse-scripts nmap-nse-scripts Public

    Nmap NSE scripts that have been customised or created

    Lua 87 30

  3. maltego_transforms maltego_transforms Public

    Use the Hacker Target IP Tools API for Reconnaissance in Maltego

    Python 45 14

  4. nmap-csv-xlsx nmap-csv-xlsx Public

    Simple python script for converting Nmap XML to csv (and xlsx)

    Python 29 15

  5. DetectionLabUbuntuAddon DetectionLabUbuntuAddon Public

    Add Ubuntu Server to DetectionLab Network with Vagrant

    9 3

  6. osquery-ebpf-config osquery-ebpf-config Public

    Example osquery configuration for Linux servers using eBPF for events

    7 1


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