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Welcome to the Hak5 Repositories!


  1. usbrubberducky-payloads usbrubberducky-payloads Public

    The Official USB Rubber Ducky Payload Repository

    PowerShell 3.6k 1.3k

  2. packetsquirrel-payloads packetsquirrel-payloads Public

    The Official Packet Squirrel Payload Repository

    Shell 418 166

  3. bashbunny-payloads bashbunny-payloads Public

    The Official Bash Bunny Payload Repository

    PowerShell 2.5k 1.5k

  4. sharkjack-payloads sharkjack-payloads Public

    The Official Hak5 Shark Jack Payload Repository

    Shell 521 184

  5. pineapple-modules pineapple-modules Public

    The Official WiFi Pineapple Module Repository for the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII

    TypeScript 336 143

  6. keycroc-payloads keycroc-payloads Public

    The Official Key Croc Payload Repository

    Shell 165 78


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