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@hakimel hakimel released this 28 Feb 09:24
· 93 commits to master since this release

tldr β€” self-destruction and bug fixes πŸ’£


  • It's now possible to destroy/uninitialize a reveal.js presentation. This will remove all event listeners and roll back all changes made to the DOM. It will also unregister all plugins and destroy them if they expose a destroy method. (#1145 / @hakimel)
  • You can now provide an absolute URL to the presentation that should be loaded in the speaker view. This is useful if you have a presentation integrated as part of a web page but still want the speaker view to work.
    Reveal.initialize({ url: '' })
  • Source maps are now included in dist (#3082 / @dabrahams)


  • Fix the speaker view no longer goes out of sync with your presentation after live-reloading (#2822 / @hakimel).
  • Fix XSS vulnerability in speaker view (#3137 / @r0hanSH)
  • Fix issues with scaling embedded presentations when entering fullscreen mode in Safari (#3080 / @Martinomagnifico)