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@hakimel hakimel released this 17 Oct 07:47
· 42 commits to master since this release


  • Gradient slide backgrounds, read the docs 🌈 (@gcmznt in #2510)
  • If multiple separate notes are provided for the same slide they will now all show in the speaker view (@lechten in #3010)
  • Updated browser targets from > 0.5%, IE 11, not dead to > 2%, not dead
  • Stop using zoom for presentation scaling. Zoom produced sharper upsizing than CSS transforms but it's a non-standard CSS property with a few too many quirks. e281b32


  • Fix issue where speaker view wasn't syncing (@hakimel #3285)
  • Fix incorrect slide numbers when exporting vertical slides to PDF (@chivongv in 3182)
  • Fix inconsistent fragment visibility in looped presentations (@hakimel in #3123)
  • Fix bug where r-fit-text caused text to truncate in PDF exports (@hakimel in #3120)
  • Fix bug where auto-animate could interfere with inherited line-height (@hakimel)

Full Changelog: 4.3.1...4.4.0