A simple wrapper using ffi around the portmidi library. This is hopefully easier to build than the c extension I did earlier
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This is a small, incomplete wrapper around the portmidi c library.

It is the successor of my portmidi-ruby project which used ordinary ruby extensions which are a pain to write.


  • portmidi (who woulda thought) built as a dynamic library. See below for special notes for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

  • ffi (which in turn needs a sane build env to be installed)

What's missing?

The most important: Tests. I'm still pondering on how to test a library that has hardware requirements and dependencies (= MIDI hardware). So I guess it means I will mock away the portmidi layer to test my abstractions and add some optional integration test that will require a MIDI loopback configuration.

Implementation wise, there's a few things missing:

  • Setting Channel- and Message filters

  • Porttime support(not sure I can support that, I guess it needs multithreading, plus: I did not need it until now)

examples/read_test.rb on how to decipher sysex atm.

  • More different exceptions, plus support for Host Errors

  • A lot of safety nets like testing for open devices before reading and writing and such.


The portmidi wrapper was thrown together by Jan Krutisch <jan@krutisch.de>

Installing Portmidi

  • On MacOSX, there's a homebrew recipe, so $ brew install portmidi should do the trick

  • On most Linuxes, portmidi should be simply a package to install by your packagemanager

  • On Windows? Frankly, I'm one of those arrogant anti Windows guys who could care less. If you're not annoyed by that, “here's a pointer”:sourceforge.net/apps/trac/portmedia/wiki/Installing%20portmidi%20on%20Windows