Bring Your Own Device 2 School shall help overcoming the resource stress in public (and private) schooling by using ICT equipment already available. This project is partially funded by
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BYOD 2 school

Bring Your Own Device 2 School shall help overcoming the resource stress in public (and private) schooling by using ICT equipment already available. This project is substantially funded by

The news can be fount on our blog

This project is developed by Verein Offenes Lernen, ZVR 066113569 licensed by "Creative Commons Namensnennung - Nicht-kommerziell - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International Lizenz", Austria. Instead of CC a GPLv2 license might be applied, as attached to this repository.

This repository contains the documentation for the code and everything that is required to make BYOD happen in class. For documentation please have a look at the app's blog


The solution we finally found how to facilitate "bring your own device to school" is to provide additional value for learners linked to schoolbooks, handouts and transcripts. Thus the use of the pupil's mobile device is facilitated.

There are two ways this web-application can be used: either by embedding an QR code with all the required parameter into the book or printout, or by defining a quicklink and relaying it via webserver. Details see below. The advantage here is, that the integration between printed materials and digital added value function is very simple and can be complemented any time later. The additional functionalities implemented are:

  • Translation of assignment texts to different languages, thus supporting the mother tounge and supporting subjects like math where math competences should be trained in the first place
  • Text Reader of assignment texts to support those who cannot read, which may include functional illiterate parents to better support learners at home, as well as learners in general who benefit from additional input for learning
  • Check if the given result is correct (if available) to give instant feedback to the learner if the result is valid
  • Upload of a photo documentation of the solution path for hand-in to the teacher or exchange with other learners. This way all kinds of assignments are supported on an organizational level
  • Hand-in function for teachers who can see who die what assignments when and are relieved from the burdon of managing paper. The same is true for the pupil - less paper is moved. This feature works integrated with the application for assignment management
  • Access to additional content like embedded learning videos from the teacher or external links to the - the later is supporting different language versions of the video which is facilitated by this app - and
  • Access to addional content like web ressources and embedded solution hints
  • Integrated Learning Analytics monitoring which works with the application for diagnostic insights
  • Effective privacy protection by embedded encryption and anonymization

Installation and Dependencies

This web app can be run on any web-server supporting PHP, no database required.

OpenSource Packages used:

  • jquery and jquery-ui for basic user interface
  • tag-it from zendesk for inputchecks
  • cordova for app deployment
  • font awesome for additional icons
  • flag icons and ddslick for language selector
  • jsaes for encryption and privacy protection

Web Services used:

For installation copy the content of this repository to any PHP enabled web-server and replace the API Keys in the file with your own.

Generation of quicklinks & QR codes to be embedded / used with your schoolbooks / hand-outs

To generate links with all the parameters required there is a google-table which can serve as a template. Basically you can create valid links with any spreadsheet application for yourself:

You then may either create quicklinks like using apache redirect direktives created by that spreadsheet, or you might directly embedd the link into a QR code. A link to the QR code generator is included in the spreadsheet. The QR code will be generated by clicking the link in the spreadsheet.

For encryption of information please use the tool.html file you will find in this repository.

For additional information about the specific parameters please have a look at the more detailed documentation on our project website


If there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact me, I am looking forward hearing from you!

klaus (at)