android hz graph library
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android hz graph library


v1.0.0 -


  • Line Graph Screenshot

  • Line Graph with Region Screenshot

  • Line Compare Graph Screenshot

  • Radar Graph Screenshot

  • Circle Graph Screenshot

  • Pie Graph Screenshot

  • Curve Graph Screenshot

  • Curve Graph with Region ![Screenshot](screenshot/CurveGraph with Region.png)

  • Curve Compare Graph Screenshot

  • Bubble Graph Screenshot

  • Scatter Graph Screenshot


  • easy to customize
  • free of layout size
  • graph draw animation


Gradle build

To install the sample application to your device run the following task:

$ ./gradlew installDebug

To deploy the library to your local Maven repository run the following task:

$ ./gradlew install

Then, to use the library in your project add the following to your build.gradle:

dependencies {
    compile ''