Monitor your IP reputation for Email sending or Email marketing.
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WARNING: The main components of this project relay up on extracting contents from the target web sites. There is a chance in future those sites may change their layout. So in that case this program has to adopt those changes on the web page to work properly.

This program basically checks the reputation of given list of IPs against set of predefined DNSBLs, from Project honeypot site, and from Senderbase site. The functionality of Project honeypot and senderbase checks are relay up on their site structure. So please don't expect this works if they changed the sites' layout. Please contact me if you need any help on that.

Check the reputation of your IP before sending mails from it. If it doesn't have good reputation then the chance for your mails go into users' spam folder is very high.

If the IP hasn't have good reputation, most probably it was due to your incorrect settings on the DNS zone file. So you need to correctly set the following settings to claim that you are the soul owner of mails that you are being sending from this IP and domain.

  1. SPF settings

    This is a simple TXT record in the zone file to map your domain name to the IP from which you are sending mails. So the ISPs can recheck the origin of the mail. Microsoft use their on proprietary version if SPF, it's named as Sender ID.

  2. DKIM settings

    This is kinda header encryption to your mail headers so that the ISP's can make sure that nobody in the midle manipulated the mail headers and contents.

    For the DKIM setup, you have to do little more work. First you have to sign all your mail using a private key before seinding it out. And then you have to keep the public key on DNS zone record as TXT format, so the ISP's can fetch this public key and make sure that nobody in the middle tempered your mail.

    This is kinda more secure method. Most of the ISPs fine with the SPF setttings only. So first do the SPF and then setup the DKIM.

HOW To Run It

  1. Clone the repository into your local machine.

         $ git clone
         Download the zip file from the github.
  2. Go into the main project folder, and type - $ python --help # To see the help

             USAGE FORMAT:
         python -[d|h|s|all] [ip,ip/cidr,...] 
         Option -d for DNSBL check
         Option -h for honeypot check
         Option -s for senderbase check
         Option -all for check all the option
         ip/cidr - Input single IP or multiple range of IP in CIDR format.