Regression Modeling Strategies
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Regression Modeling Strategies

Current Goals

  • A non-downward compatible change will occur in the next release of the package
  • The survfit.formula function (seen by the user as just survfit) for obtaining nonparametric survival estimates will be replaced by the npsurv function
  • The purpose is to avoid conflicts with the survival package
  • survfit.coxph has a new id option that generalizes individual=TRUE; need to change survfit.cph and survest.cph to use that

Web Sites

To Do

  • Fix survplot so that explicitly named adjust-to values are still in subtitles. See tests/cph2.s.
  • Fix fit.mult.impute to average sigma^2 and then take square root, instead of averaging sigma
  • Implement user-added distributions in psm - see