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CS 199 Even More Practice

Slides for CS 199 Even More Practice Using Marp.

The html files are generated from the markdown files, so don't edit the html files but just edit the markdown files and github actions will automatically make the html files.

You can find the homepage here.

Pull Requests welcome.

Powered with fancy automation via Github actions and Netlify.


  1. git pull - Load up whatever's done so far. Sometimes this will include autogenerated slide files in the dist/ folder.

  2. The slides/ folder has the slides in the format sem/, make sure to create/edit the right one. can be a good starting point. sem will be in the format f20, s21 etc.

  3. Make sure index.html has a link to /dist/sem/YYYY-MD-DD.html. It's fine if the file doesn't exist yet (it will be autogenerated) just make sure to include it so that viewers can actually see it.


The homepage also lists EMP slides and recordings from previous semesters. The course format doesn't change too drastically so feel free to use those as starting points for inspiration.

Locally Using marp

If you want to do this you can, but the CI will automatically take care of it so you don't have to.

  1. Install it (assuming you have npm)
npm install -g @marp-team/marp-cli
  1. To convert
marp -I slides/ --output dist/