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Baseframe for HasGeek projects
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Reusable styles and templates for HasGeek projects. Setup instructions:

python install

You'll need this boilerplate in your code to use it:

from flask import Flask
from baseframe import baseframe, assets, Version

version = Version('0.1.0')  # Insert your app's version number here
app = Flask(__name__, instance_relative_config=True)

# Declare your app's assets (with .js and .css suffixes)
# Filenames are relative to your app's static folder
assets['myapp.js'][version] = 'js/myapp.js'
assets['myapp.css'][version] = 'css/myapp.css'

# Initialize baseframe with required JS/CSS assets
# The 'baseframe' requirement is optional: it gives you the default UI
baseframe.init_app(app, requires=['baseframe', 'myapp'])

Baseframe is BSD-licensed, but is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 and bundles various JavaScript libraries which use BSD, MIT and Apache.

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