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hms_irc — Extensible IRC microservice

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AMQP-based microservice for bidirectionnal IRC interactions.

Service responsabilities:

  • Deliver information to users on IRC upon AMQP broadcasts on interesting topics
  • Verify and help users in building AMQP messages for other microservices
  • Allow users and other microservices to communicate using commands/responses

hms_irc is part of the HAUM Micro-Services (HMS) tools.


Create a Python 3 virtualenv and install software:

$ virtualenv -ppython3 venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
(venv) $ pip install .

Then start the bot inside the virtualenv:

(venv) $ hms_irc

You can send arbitrary IRC messages using the provided debug tool:

(venv) $ hms_irc_debug hello world


This project is brought to you under GPLv3 license. For further information, please read the provided COPYING file.