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Webshell is, well, a web shell :). It allows command line access to a number of services including (you can read more about them below):

  • Blekko - to search
  • Dropbox - to manage cloud storage
  • Facebook - for social interactions
  • Simple Calculator - for simple calculations
  • Twitter - for microblogging

Webshell is still in early alpha; more functionality coming soon.

You can see it running here. Try help to see the rules of the game. Or read more about services and commands they support below.


Search using Blekko search engine. Supported commands:

  • search <TERMS> performs a given search
  • next and prev shows next and previous page with results
  • page <N> shows N'th page with results


For now just allows to see the content of your Dropbox account. Supported commands:

  • cd <DIR> to change directory
  • ls to list contents of the current directory


For now allows feed updaes with fbstatus command. Try:

fbstatus This status was set using webshell; how cool is that?

Simple calculator

Accepts expressions using parenthesses (), addition +, subtraction -, multiplication * and division /. Try:

3 + (4+7)/2


For now allows posting updates with tweet command. Try:

tweet This tweet comes from webshell; how cool is that?