Memory Management Test Cases Generation of C Programs
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Memory Management Test Cases Generation of C Programs



Map2Check is a tool of automatically generating and checking memory management tests cases in C programs. The generation of the tests cases are based on assertions (safety properties) from the code instructions, adopting the LLVM framework and KLEE tool to generate input values to the test cases generated by Map2Check. Map2Check checks memory safety properties, such as: invalid deference, invalid free, and memory leaks.

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How to build Map2Check?

You can build Map2Check using our dockerfile, more details at

Install Map2Check

In order to install Map2Check on your PC, you should download and save the map2check zip file on your disk from After that, you should type the following command:

$ unzip $ cd Map2Check-map2check_v7.1_svcomp

Testing tool

Map2Check can be invoked through a standard command-line interface. Map2Check should be called in the installation directory as follows:

$ ./map2check sample/svcomp_960521-1_false-valid-free.c

For help and others options:

$ ./map2check --help


Instructions for SV-COMP'18

Use the '' script in the installation directory to verify each single test-case.


$ ./ -p propertyFile.prp file.i

Map2Check accepts the property file and the verification task and provides as verification result: TRUE + Witness, [FALSE|FALSE(p)] + Witness, or UNKNOWN. FALSE(p), with p in {valid-free, valid-deref, valid-memtrack}, means that the (partial) property p is violated. For each verification result the witness file (called witness.graphml) is generated Map2Check root-path folder. There is timeout of 895 seconds set by this script, using "timeout" tool that is part of coreutils on debian. If these constraints are violated, it should be treated as UNKNOWN result.



Maintainers: Herbert O. Rocha (since 2014), Federal University of Roraima, Brazil
Rafael Menezes (since 2016), Federal University of Roraima, Brazil

Questions and bug reports:

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