Time difference of arrival (TDoA) multi-lateration
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TDoA - Time difference of arrival


  1. wav files with GNSS timestamps from KiwiSDRs which are generated by kiwiclient
  2. positions of the used KiwiSDRs. This information is stored in the directory gnss_pos and put there by kiwirecorder.py


  • This code should work on linux and on OSX
  • Install octave (>=4.2.2) + signal package: in octave: pkg install -forge signal

Download / Installation

  • Initial checkout: git clone --recursive https://github.com/hcab14/TDoA.git
  • Update to latest master branch: git pull --recurse-submodules
  • For now everything is contained in the git repository, i.e., nothing is installed in /usr etc.

Running the example octave script

  • in octave: [tdoa,input]=proc_tdoa_DCF77;
  • this should produce two files in the png subdirectory