Standalone nominatim server in a docker container
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Nominatim Docker

Run in a docker container. Clones the current master and builds it. This is always the latest version, be cautious as it may be unstable.

Uses Ubuntu 14.04 and PostgreSQL 9.3


As default it downloads Europe/Monacco (latest) from during build. This can be changed by setting a build arg.

If a different country should be used, change the wget line in the Dockerfile to pull a different country file.


To rebuild the image locally execute

docker build -t nominatim .

Changing the OSM url to download and use a different country

This example downloads the belize data during compilation:

docker build --build-arg OSM=  -t nominatim .


By default the container exposes port 8080 To run the container execute

# remove any existing containers
docker rm -f nominatim_container || echo "nominatim_container not found, skipping removal"
docker run -p 8080:8080 --name nominatim_container --detach nominatim

Check the logs of the running container

docker logs nominatim_container

Stop the container

docker stop nominatim_container

Connect to the nominatim webserver with curl. If this succeeds, open http://localhost:8080/ in a web browser

curl "http://localhost:8080"