ROS packages for vision-based MAVs.
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ROS packages for vision-based MAVs.

Required dependencies:

  1. px-ros-pkg
  2. ethzasl_sensor_fusion (branch: catkin)
  3. asctec_mav_framework (branch: experimental)
  4. Boost >= 1.4.0 (Ubuntu package: libboost-all-dev)
  5. Eigen3 (Ubuntu package: libeigen3-dev)
  6. gflags (Ubuntu package: libgflags-dev)
  7. glog (Source install)
  8. OpenCV >= 2.4.8
  9. SuiteSparse >= 4.2.1 (Source install)
  10. RTI Connext DDS >= 5.1.0 (Source install to /opt)

If you use the packages for an academic publication, please cite either or both of the following papers depending on which packages you use:

Lionel Heng, Gim Hee Lee, and Marc Pollefeys,
Self-Calibration and Visual SLAM with a Multi-Camera System on a Micro Aerial Vehicle,
In Proc. Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), 2014.

Lionel Heng, Dominik Honegger, Gim Hee Lee, Lorenz Meier,
Petri Tanskanen, Friedrich Fraundorfer, and Marc Pollefeys,
Autonomous Visual Mapping and Exploration With a Micro Aerial Vehicle,
Journal of Field Robotics (JFR), 31(4):654-675, 2014.

Hardware Synchronization Between Sensors

For hardware synchronization between the IMU on any AscTec platform and a single/multi-camera system, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect a cable between the GPIO pins on the autopilot (ground pin: GND, trigger signal pin: P1.16) and the correct pins on the camera hardware. The GPIO pins on the autopilot are shown in
  2. Compile the autopilot firmware from Note that this firmware differs from the official ethz-asl version, as the firmware is modified to support camera triggering.
  3. Flash the autopilot firmware by following the instructions in
  4. Now you can adjust the camera trigger rate by modifying the value for the trigger_rate_cam parameter that is used by the asctec_hl_interface package.
  5. Each time the autopilot sends a trigger signal to the camera(s), the autopilot records the IMU data at that point of time. The asctec_hl_interface package publishes both a CamTrigger message and sensor_msgs::Imu message. Information in these messages can be used to infer which IMU message corresponds to a given camera image.


The primary author, Lionel Heng, is funded by the DSO Postgraduate Scholarship. This work is partially supported by the SNSF V-MAV grant (DACH framework).

The repository includes third-party code from the following sources:

1. M. Rufli, D. Scaramuzza, and R. Siegwart,
   Automatic Detection of Checkerboards on Blurred and Distorted Images,
   In Proc. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2008.

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4. L. Kneip, D. Scaramuzza, and R. Siegwart,
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   Direct Computation of Absolute Camera Position and Orientation,
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5. pugixml

6. E. Olson,
   AprilTag: A robust and flexible visual fiducial system,
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