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Plugin for heroku CLI that can manipulate the repo

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Heroku Repo plugin

This plugin adds some commands to the heroku gem to interact with the app's repo


To install:

$ heroku plugins:install



$ heroku repo:clone -a appname

This will clone the applications repo to your local filesystem. No collaboration necessary!


$ heroku repo:download -a appname

This will download the applications repo as a tarball.


$ heroku repo:gc -a appname

This will run a git gc --agressive against the applications repo. This is done inside a run procress on the application.


$ heroku repo:purge_cache -a appname

This will delete the contents of the build cache stored in the repository. This is done inside a run process on the application.


$ heroku repo:rebuild -a appname

This will empty the remote repository and push the repository up again, effectively triggering an app rebuild.


$ heroku repo:reset -a appname

This will empty the remote repository.

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