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Text Analytics Pipeline (TAP)

TAP provides Text Analytics services via a GraphQL API. It is written in Scala, and uses the Play Framework, Sangria GraphQL and GraphiQL. TAP currently provides back-end analytics services for:

  • AcaWriter, a web application for Academic Writing Analytics
  • GoingOK, a web application for collecting and analysing personal reflective writing
  • Metacognition Discovery
  • A variety of Jupyter Notebooks used for tutoring in Text Analytics

If you are using TAP as a backend for something, please share by editing this page and openning a pull-request


Refer to our current documentation here. For more background on how TAP is being used, see the main HETA webpage


TAP was originally created by Andrew Gibson at the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC), University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Development is ongoing through HETA and the founding ATN universities.

We welcome contributions to TAP. If you are interesting in contributing, take a look at the developer section of the docs, take a look at the current Issues, and or contact one of the current maintainers:

A big thank you to our contributors.