A web browser to fight Cuban government censorship
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Cambio is a web browser that uses IMAP and SMTP under-the-hood to allow the Cuban people to view minified and simplified webpages. Through the use of IMAP/SMTP, users can specify their email address and password, allowing them to obtain web pages through the IMAP/SMTP ports instead of HTTP.

How things flow


Technologies Used

  • Electron - Electron is a NodeJS based shell, allowing developers to make cross-platform apps for Linux, Macintosh and Windows using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Node-IMAP - Node-IMAP allows us to access a user's set of emails, provided their email address and provider. Currently with this library, we shall be able to provide support for Gmail and YahooMail (assured support)
  • SMTP-Connection - SMTP-Connection allows us to send an email to our email server (cambio-backend) using the user's provided set of email credentials.
  • Photon Kit - Photon Kit is a front-end UI CSS framework that allows you to make beautiful Electron-based user interfaces really quickly.
  • Kbpgp - KeybaseIO's implementation of asymmetric PGP encryption. This allows us to encrypt/decrypt messages to and from the server and client. This prevents us the regime from inspecting emails in plaintext.

About the Team

This project was made by Team Delta Force (Alastair Paragas, Kerlin Michel, Angelo Saraceno, Annabelle Santos) during the HeyCuba! Hackathon, for the greater good of the ConectaCuba campaign.