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Skink is a continuous-integration server in Python.
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skink is a Continuous Integration server that's as simple as it gets.

Specify a git repository, a shell command to execute to build your project and that's pretty much it.

Just ask skink to run your build and it will update your code, run a build and keep track of your build history.

You can create a git hook to auto-execute the build upon push as well.


It couldn't be easier. Run the three following commands in a shell:

git clone git://
sudo pip install coverage # (if you do not want coverage or you don't need to run make all for skink, ignore this)
make createdb
make run

Congratulations! You are the happy owner of a build server! Just reach http://localhost:8089 (or whatever port you configured in the config.ini file) and enjoy.

Create your project and start building!

Project Naming

The name for the project comes from the "Plestiodon skiltonianus" or Western Skink -

This very beautiful reptile keeps moving constantly, just like the skink server does.

Skinkize your project right now! Keep moving!

Project Website

You can check the project website at

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